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If you had the good fortune of knowing Greg, you know that he was the ultimate husband, father, son, brother, teammate, patriot, philanthropist, and best friend to all. While his years were cut short, the way he lived his life certainly wasn't. His motto was  "Get Busy Living" - and that is exactly what he did. Greg lived his life with a clear purpose always looking out for those in need. 

He touched so many lives and the Greg Kline Foundation was created for those who would like to pay it forward in the spirit of Greg’s legacy. 

Life without Greg will never be the same....but life will go on. Greg will make sure of that, we will make sure of that. No one person can fill the void that Greg left behind but if we work together, we can try. 

Rest easy Greg, it's our turn to carry the weight.

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Front Row-left to right: Coach Don Loughlin, Fred Holschuch, Jack Gibson, Wayne Zoll, Aaron Litman, John Flessel, Pete Stephens, Lee McNamara, 2nd Row- Bill Fridank, Pete Flessel, ____?____, Andy Mitchell, Ron Ketay, Vinnie Aliperti, Bill Hagenson, Pete Jorgensen, Joe Boccia 3rd Row- _____?______, _____?_____, Jerry Gordon, Don Shea, Ron Cafiero, Doug Steinert, Ed Shea, ____?_____, ____?_____, Jon Trayford

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